Tell me what you like, girl

Chase Hyland | 16 | I'll do anything to please you.

Love Until The End?;; Nevaeh & Chase 

Chase rolled off of his bed, he was already dressed and everything. He looked at his styled hair, fixed it up, then grabbed everything he needed; His wallet, phone, and keys. He walked out of the dorm, closing and locking the door behind him.

As he wandered up the stairs and in the empty corridors, he thought about his relationship with Nevaeh. She had accused him of getting a girl pregnant, which he did, but it crushed him when the girl got an abortion. Chase says that he didn’t to hide the fact that he actually did get a girl pregnant, but he was brokenhearted because of it. Then she went and got drunk with Ty. She didn’t know he knew about that, but everyone has there sources. Chase really, really liked Nevaeh and he was hopping Nevaeh thought the same about him. Chase knew he needed to tell Nevaeh about his past, and she needed to do the same to him, and he knew that he was going to have to tell her before the guilt ate him alive.

Chase looked up, watching the dorm room numbers. He got to Nevaeh number and knocked. He waited patiently for her to open the door. As he waited, he tried to figure out a way to tell Nevaeh the news.